Our baby scans are designed to ensure there is a scan for you at every stage of pregnancy. See below for our recommended scan during each gestation. 

8-11 weeks – Early reassurance & wellbeing scan

11-16 weeks – Dating & wellbeing scan 

16-32 weeks – Gender & Wellbeing scan

16 – 38 weeks – Bonding & Wellbeing scan

24-33 weeks – Premium 4D Bonding & Wellbeing scan

35-38 weeks – Presentation & Wellbeing scan

We also offer a range of health scans for fertility and pelvic health issues.

Over 18 years old – Pelvic Health & Wellbeing scan

Planning for pregnancy/ovulation – Endometrial Thickness scan (Recommended to use at 3 different stages of your monthly cycle)

Planning for pregnancy/ovulation – Fertillity Scan

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