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Our Early Reassurance Scan has been curated to provide you with the peace of mind and reassurance in those really early stages of pregnancy. During the scan we hope to show you pulsations from your baby’s heart and confirm your pregnancy. Please ensure you have had a positive pregnancy test prior to your scan.

As we allow a full 20 minutes appointment this provides you with opportunity to ask any questions you may have and allows us to support you and provide you with the most accurate advice during the scan.

We recommend that you attend all scans with a relatively full bladder as this helps give us the best view of your baby. In the early stages of pregnancy it may be difficult to see any cardiac activity via an abdominal scan, this is why we recommend waiting at least six weeks. If this is the case, you may be offered a rescan.

A qualified Sonographer will complete your scan. Our Sonographers are fully qualified and registered medical professionals with lots of ultrasound experience. Our Sonographers are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and follow the British Medical Ultrasound Society protocols and guidance.

If, at any stage, we notice anything unusual during your scan we will explain our findings based on the visual observation at that time. We will advise you on what to do next and refer you to you midwife, GP or early pregnancy unit, we have the contact information and details to provide to you in the clinic.

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Early Reassurance Scan

Recommended for 6 – 13 Weeks

What to expect:

  • 20 minute appointment
  • 2D ultrasound scan to confirm pregnancy
  • Visualisation of cardiac activity
  • Ultrasound prints
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More Scans

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    Kidneys, Bladder, Spleen & Ureters

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    Post Menopausal Pelvic Health Scan

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    Upper abdominal Scan

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    Kidney, Bladder & Prostate Scan

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    Recommended for pre-pregnancy or prior planning for pregnancy

    Progesterone Hormone Blood Test

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