As you enter the third trimester of your pregnancy, our midwife will discuss what to expect during your
third trimester and how to manage any pregnancy related symptoms including remedies that you may find helpful such as aromatherapies, reflexology, and acupuncture. We will begin finalising your plans for labour and birth and discuss ways you can prepare for this. We will narrow down which type of birth
preparation is suitable for you and review your birth plan to ensure you are confident and educated when your little one chooses to make their arrival. We will discuss labour and what to expect, including signs labour is beginning and what you should do when these signs appear, ensuring you are fully informed to
help you achieve the birth that’s right for you and your baby. We will introduce you to the equipment we have available for you to rent to help you relax during your birth such as our TENS machine, birthing pool and birthing ball. These are subject to availability and it is important these are pre-booked to ensure they are available on your required dates.

Our private midwife will perform a blood pressure check and urinalysis during your appointment. An abdominal palpation will be carried out to assess the size of your uterus and positioning of your baby and your midwife will listen to your baby’s heartbeat using a handheld fetal heartbeat doppler. If we feel you may benefit from an additional obstetric ultrasound scan during your appointment, including introducing you to our Premium 4D & Wellbeing ultrasound scan, we can organise this at a time that suits you (additional fees will apply).

You are welcome to bring your partner or friend alongside all of your midwife appointments for support

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Private Midwife Consultation from 28 weeks pregnant

What to expect:

  • From 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • Discussion about preparing for labour and birth and signs of labour
  • Discussions about preparing for the third trimester and pregnancy related symptoms that may occur during this stage
  • Blood pressure check and urinalysis
  • Optional blood test to check iron levels (additional cost)
  • Optional Premium 4D & Wellbeing ultrasound scan (additional cost)
  • Fundal height measurement(bump measurement)
  • Abdominal palpation to check the position of baby
  • Fetal heartbeat doppler check
  • To check on general mental health and physical wellbeing
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