Every pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal journey is different. No single experience is the same for women and their families and it is important to review and discuss your experience, particularly if you are feeling distressed or confused. Whilst some birthing experiences may leave women feeling strong and empowered, others may be feeling disappointed or even traumatised.

Our birth review consultation aims to support you by allowing you to have an unbiased safe place to talk through your feelings and the events that occurred during labour and birth. If you have any questions regarding the decisions made, or your care whilst giving birth this is the perfect opportunity for you to reflect on your birthing experience and have someone listen to those concerns.

During the consultation, we can help you understand your notes, provide informational support and feedback based on your questions and plan for a better birthing experience for the future. We will be able to signpost you to the best resources and advise on the options and services that are available to you. Please note: this birth review consultation is carried out by a private midwife and is not a counselling service.

We can support you and your family by providing information and offering practical and emotional support, including information that enables you to make informed decisions.

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Birth Review Consultation

What to expect:

  • Review details of your labour, birth and care
  • Private and unbiased discussion with an experienced midwife
  • Help to explore and understand your experience
  • Support with any traumatic feelings
  • Discuss plans for future births
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