Our Postnatal Midwife Consultation has been created with your health and baby’s wellbeing in mind. We understand that this can be both an exciting and anxious time for you, and so we aim to provide you with expert care and time that you may not receive during your NHS care. We want to give you peace of mind and support through the early days with your baby as you transition into parenthood. We will provide breastfeeding, and bottle feeding support, contraception advice and mental health and post-natal depression advice and informational support.

During your consultation Our expert midwife will carry out a full post-partum health examination on mum and baby including checks on stitches from any tears or c-sections. We can also offer an optional Pelvic Health ultrasound scan for any retained products from birth at an additional cost. For the baby, a full examination of your baby’s physical assessment including observations for jaundice, weight checks and tongue tie assessments.
We can also review your birth and go over any details that have left you feeling confused or questions you have unanswered. We allow you to have a safe place and time to discuss any worries or anxieties you are experiencing in the postnatal period.

Please note: the birth review does not replace our Birth Review Consultation, if you have any concerns or worries regarding your birth and would like additional time to discuss this in detail we recommend booking a separate Birth Review Consultation to ensure you have enough time to cover the subject and receive the necessary support.

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Postnatal Midwife Consultation

What to expect:

  • up to four weeks after birth
  • Postpartum health examination
  • Option of ultrasound scan for retained products (additional cost)
  • Breast and bottle feeding support
  • In depth newborn physical exam
  • Weight checks of baby
  • Birth review
  • Discussions about contraception should you be looking for options
  • Discussions about Mental health and Postnatal Depression and support
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