Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Sale (Conditions) below govern the contract between Oh Baby Ultrasound LTD (we, us, our), and you as the customer (you), and do not affect your statutory rights: Our trained, registered medical professionals specializing in fetal ultrasound and health, which may include radiographers, midwives or doctors (referred to as sonographers), carry out all our non-diagnostic scans. We provide a range of services, with the primary goal of assessing the well-being of your baby. These services include checking the baby’s size, multiple pregnancies, the position of the baby, and placenta. Although our scans are non-medical and non-diagnostic, if during the procedure, our sonographer observes any development issues, they will discuss their findings. In such cases, we will refer you to your NHS care provider for further medical advice.

As a non-medical and non-diagnostic clinic, we are unable to provide any medical advice on diagnosis or feedback on diagnostic results. A report completed by us is merely a brief assessment of your pregnancy/health and never intended to substitute the NHS or any private medical anomaly scans. It’s vital that you take advantage of all antenatal services available to you, as NHS’s primary goal and intent are to identify abnormalities and administer medical diagnostics. The scan will may be carried out abdominally or transvaginally, if a transvaginal/internal scan is offered you have the right to refuse. We hold the right to improve or change our services without informing you beforehand.
Photography and recording (including sound) are allowed on our premises for personal use. To attend your appointment, you must be 18 years or older; if you are a minor, aged 16 or 17, a responsible adult must accompany you. A responsible adult refers to a person who is above 18 years of age and is your parent, step-parent, legal guardian, grandparent, or any valid authority figure. It is important to note that we cannot scan anyone below 16 years of age. If you wish to amend your selected services or products, kindly get in touch with us, and we will confirm if it’s possible. Our website clearly outlines the prices for our services, and full payment or deposit options are available. We accept debit or credit cards for payment, except for American Express; we do not accept cash. Once you make a deposit, we accept and confirm your booking; if for any reason, we cannot proceed with your booking, we will notify you in writing (email) and not charge any fees. This could be due to unforeseen circumstances that prevent us from delivering our services.
We require specific details from you, such as your pregnancy history and hospital notes, to provide our services. Failure to provide accurate and complete information permits us to terminate the agreement or levy an additional sum for work carried out to obtain the correct information. We will not take responsibility for any delays in providing services if you do not provide necessary data. You have the option to terminate the agreement before receiving our services, but a refund is not guaranteed if we have already completed the services. If by chance, there is a defect in the product, you may be eligible for a refund. In case of non-payment or failure to provide essential information to offer services, we may cancel or suspend our services. We will refund any money paid in advance, but we may reduce the refund by reasonable expenses incurred. We retain the copyright of all images taken by us. Upon complete payment for our services, the ownership of the report will revert to you. Our aim is to provide the best possible images of your baby, but we cannot guarantee optimal imaging as your baby’s position during the scan is beyond our control. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that your appointment runs on time. Regarding gender confirmation, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the gender identification, and we hold no liability for any incorrect indication of your baby’s gender, but we will do our best to identify your baby’s gender.
We hold no responsibility or liability in case of any injuries, loss or damage caused to your personal belongings while you are at our premises. Our liability is limited to a foreseeable result of failure to abide by the contract and a failure to use reasonable care and skills. Any loss or damage that is not a foreseeable or not caused by us is not our responsibility. We are not liable for any business losses, as we solely provide domestic and private services. We do not attempt to exclude or limit our liability to you contrary to the law. Oh Baby Ultrasound LTD owns all the intellectual property used in marketing our services and manages and upholds the website and booking system. In the case of data management, OBUL is the data controller in this contract, and the clinic chosen by you acts as a data processor for the service’s provision alone. OBUL is not responsible for any failure to comply with the terms of the contract. Unless you communicate differently, you agree to receive emails promoting special offers and products from OBUL. A copy of our Data Retention Policy can be obtained at the clinic. If we have to defer or alter the time or date of your appointment due to circumstances outside our influence, we will notify you immediately and will take necessary steps to minimize the effect of the delay. These circumstances may include technical complications, changes in legal or regulatory requirements. As long as we try our best to notify you and minimize the delay, we will not be liable for delays caused by the event. If there is a risk of significant delay, you may choose to terminate the contract and receive reimbursement for any services already paid for.
We will utilize the personal information provided by you to supply services, process payment, and for identification purposes solely within the organization. We do not intend to disclose your personal information to any external sources without written consent from you. In certain circumstances, we may be obliged by law to reveal your personal information to third parties. We will maintain copies of your scan for 30 days for rectification purposes if any concerns arise following the scan. If any part of this contract is deemed illegal by a court, the remaining parts will remain in effect. Each paragraph in these Conditions works independently.

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