At any point during your pregnancy from 16 weeks onwards for reassurance you can arrange for a midwife to listen in to the fetal heart with a handheld doppler at our clinic.

This appointment can help wash away any pregnancy worries or anxieties you may be experiencing by having a health care professional listen in and let you hear your baby’s heartbeat. We can also record your baby’s heartbeat and place the recording into one of our very own Heartbeat Teddy Bears to take with you and enjoy the rhythm of the heart before and after your little one’s arrival.

Please note: This appointment is for fetal doppler reassurance only and does not replace our Antenatal Midwife consultation, if you have any concerns or experiencing any pregnancy related issues and would like to chat to our midwife about these, including birth planning, body changes or fetal concerns we
recommend booking our Antenatal Midwife Consultation which will allow you to have a safe place to address these concerns.

or 4 interest-free installments of £11.25 by:

Fetal Doppler Reassurance Midwife Consultation

What to expect:

  • From 16 weeks pregnant
  • Hear your babies heartbeat
  • Ease your anxiety
  • Instant Reassurance
  • Check on your babies health
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