Our Antenatal Midwife Consultation has been created with your health and baby’s wellbeing in mind. We understand that this can be both an exciting and anxious time for you, and so we aim to provide you with expert care and time that you may not receive during your NHS appointments. During your antenatal appointment we will carry out health checks for you which include blood pressure checks and urinalysis. Other blood tests are available should the need arise, or if you have medical conditions such as thyroid disease at an additional cost, this can be discussed and organised during your consultation. We will carry out fundal height measurements from 28 weeks gestation and fetal heart doppler checks from 16 weeks gestation. We can discuss any concerns or anxieties that you may be experiencing during your pregnancy and provide advice, resources and materials to help you feel relaxed and confident throughout. We can cover areas such as birth planning, breastfeeding and bottle feeding planning, colostrum harvesting (colostrum collection kits available at additional costs) and newborn/fourth trimester expectations. We tailor each
appointment to you and prioritise what you feel is necessary during your antenatal care.
If we feel you may benefit from an additional obstetric ultrasound scan during your appointment we can
organise this at a time that suits you (additional fees will apply).

or 4 interest-free installments of £19.75 by:

Antenatal Midwife Consultation

What to expect:

  • Blood pressure check
  • Fetal heart doppler check (from 16 weeks)
  • Urinalysis
  • Fundal height (bump) measurements (from 28 weeks)
  • Birth Planning
  • Voicing any concerns/issues
  • Colostrum harvesting (Kit additional)
  • Option of additional blood testing (additional cost)
  • Option of ultrasound scan (additional cost)
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