At your Private Midwife Consultation from 20 weeks we will review your Anomaly scan appointment and discuss how it went, with signposting if you require further assessments from your care provider.

We will begin to discuss your birthing preferences, including the birthing options, pain relief and care that is available to you. This consultation provides you with signposting for pregnancy related resources, and begin discussing topics including preparing for birth, what to expect and what your options are. We will
also provide you a birth planning pack, which we can review together at your Private Midwife Consultation from 28 weeks pregnant.

Our private midwife will perform a blood pressure check and urinalysis during your appointment. An abdominal palpation will be carried out to assess the size of your uterus and positioning of your baby and your midwife will listen to your baby’s heartbeat using a handheld fetal heartbeat doppler. If we feel you may benefit from an additional obstetric ultrasound scan during your appointment, we can organise this at a time that suits you (additional fees will apply).

You are welcome to bring your partner or friend alongside all of your midwife appointments for support.

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Private midwife Consultation from 20 weeks pregnant

What to expect:

  • From 20 weeks of pregnancy
  • Discuss your Anomaly scan and how it went
  • Discuss baby’s movements in pregnancy and what to expect
  • Discussions around birth planning
  • Signposting resources for expectant parents and antenatal classes
  • Blood pressure check and urinalysis
  • Fetal doppler heartbeat check
  • Check on general mental health and physical wellbeing
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